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Video: SicSak by Amiina

Incredible song,  slowly building to climax.

Here is the making of the video  for SicSak.

SicSak is from Amiina’s latest album Puzzle.

Download the MP3

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Video: When Saints Go Machine – Add Ends

When Saints Go Machine

Yesterday I posted about 4 free danish complication albums and one of those comps includes When Saints Go Machine which are getting  a very deserved amount of attention lately. So check out that post to get some free music. Then head over to When Saints Go machine’s Facebook page and click “Like”. When you do so you will get 3 free tracks from their E.P. Fail Forever. And if that isn’t enough you can go pre-order their upcoming album Konkylie (available June 21st).

For a sample of what the new album is like check out the video and mp3 after the jump

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Music: Free Danish Compilations

Two Sides Of The Same Summer

Indiean Music

Winter Wonders

The Sound Of Your Grandmother's Lover

Wonders Make Joy now have 4 compilations of known and up and coming artists for free download. Some personal favorites are Sleep Party People, When Saints Go MachineTrentemøller and My Name Is Legion. There is a large amount of variety here and I am sure you will find more than few new favorite bands.

Full list of artists

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News: Arms and Sleepers Announce New Album Pre-Order

Arms & Sleepers have announced their next album The Organ Hearts is available for pre-order. The album will have less guitars and more electronics according to the release blurb:

Unlike Matador, the band’s sophomore effort, the new record features significantly less guitar and focuses more on electronics and drum-heavy compositions. Pulsing beats and driving synths replace the lush glockenspiels and melodicas of the previous album, while concise song structures and haunting melodies remain.

People that pre-order will also get an exclusive digital E.P. sometime this summer.

Lisbon from Nostalgia for the Absolute

Track Listing
01. Kepesh
02. Tusk
03. I Sing The Body Electric
04. The Afternoon Child
05. A Smile In Sofia
06. Antwerp
07. Serie Noire
08. Reprise
09. Yesterday’s Child
10. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
11. Atelier
12. Airport Blues

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Listen: Touch by Holy Other

I have been playing Touch by Holy Other in heavy rotation since  I learned of him a day ago. So far the count is 27 and counting. Holy Other exist in close proximity to Burial and oOoOO  with dark murky atmosphere, slow as molasses  beats, blurry RnB vocals and a distant other-world sexuality.

Below is Touch from Holy Other’s forthcoming EP on Tri Angle:

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Album: Street Halo EP by Burial

Street Halo E.P. by Burial

It’s great to see Burial back, first the colab with Four Tet and Thom Yorke and now a 3 song E.P on Hyperdub. Below is NYC, a slow burning atmospheric tune featuring Burial’s signature vocals built up from twisted and altered female R&B vocals, muted and stuttering beats and a ton of atmosphere. Head over to hyperdub to buy it. I have heard it will only be available for a limited time so get it while you can.



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Free Album: The Weeknd – House of Balloons

The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) have now released the first proper release. You can download it free from the official website.  The tracks are essentially R&B but each is tweaked just enough to let it easily float above the average R&B you normally hear on the radio. Check out the example below and then go grab the whole album for free.

What You Need

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Download: The Weeknd – several new tracks.

I still don’t know much more about this band(producer?) than I did when I first heard  The Weeknd, except that I have a steady stream of people looking for them daily. I’m not positive but I am pretty sure they go by The Weeknd rather than The Weekend (or else it is a typo) picked up and propagated by the innerwebs, that would suck.

So below are all of tracks I know of. If there are more tracks I have missed please link to them in the comments.  If anyone has any show dates please add them to the comments so The Weeknd can make some ticket sales.

The track that started it all. What-You-Need

The Weeknd – Wicked Game

Loft Music (Babe Rainbow Drag Remix)

Loft Music

The Weeknd – The Morning

What You Need (Jacques Greene Refix)

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New Release: What Was It You Said About Luck by James Blake

James Blake has a new single out today for “The Wilhelm Scream”. Below you can hear the b-side “What Was It You Said About Luck”. Enjoy!

What Was It You Said About Luck:

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Review: Nostalgia For The Absolute by Arms and Sleepers

Nostalgia for the Absolute

Arms & Sleepers have just released their 12th album, Nostalgia For The Absolute  (preview and buy). Wordless, full of dark winter images, this release seems meant for quiet self-reflection while sipping scotch (Ardbeg  2010 for me today thanks). The tracks are short and fade in and out as if breathing gently. Although the tone is dark, it is never depressing (Think fresh snow and icicles rather than gray clouds and endless rain). This release is full of hope. Spring is just around the corner and each track gives just the slightest tease of the brighter days to come. So sit back, sip your favorite winter spirit and enjoy the samples below. If you follow the link above to the album you can sample the entire album.


Tonight We’re Thinking Of You:

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