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Review: Backyard the Film

Last month I posted about a great video from FM Belfast which was taken from the Icelandic film Backyard. I really wanted to see the whole film but it didn’t have an US distributor. Jump to a few days ago when my friend posted on FB that he was volunteering to be a driver for the SIFF film festival and wanted to know if anyone would like to join him in watching the movie Backyard, because he would be driving the director to the showing.  Somethings are just meant to be. :-)

The film directed by Árni Sveinsson follows Árni Rúnar (FM Belfast) as he pulls together an outdoor recording session (of his friends) that blossoms into a full-blown neighborhood concert. The film illustrates an aspect of Icelandic music that I love and respect, which is this opened minded approach to try anything  (and then make something amazing). Classical instruments, toys, junk guitars, made instruments everything is fair game for expression. Also, the music in Backyard is quite diverse as the focus is on bands with the same temperament rather than bands in the same genre. Which is reasonable as these bands don ‘t even try to fit into genres.

The show starts in the afternoon, with a handful of people watching. Inside they make pizza and coffee for people. They take a break when the rain comes and then pick right back up recording. No drama, no big egos, just a group of people having fun making music. The fun is infectious and through the film a I felt very much apart of the process.

For those in the Seattle area, there will be another showing on May 29th, 8:30 @ the Admiral Theater. Tickets

The Bands:

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Event: Seattle screening of Efterklangs An Island at Liberty bar

Efterklang and Vincent Moon present An Island

The Seattle screening I am hosting has officially moved from my living room to the backroom of Liberty bar (517 15th Avenue East Seattle, WA 98112).

Please RSVP on Facebook.

Screening will be on Feb 1st at 7:30pm @ Liberty bar

And of course, if the date doesn’t work for you or you are not old enough to go to a bar, you can always host your own Screening. Just sign up  to host your own screening at:

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News: Efterklang – “An Island” 3rd teaser and hosting details

Efterklang and Vincent Moon present An Island

Efterklang have announced an interesting method to distribute and share their new movie “An Island” and what they are calling Private-Public Screenings. Anyone can host a screening as long as they follow these basic rules:

  • The screenings need to have free entrance
  • The screenings need to be public.
  • The screenings need to have a minimum capacity of 5 people
  • The screenings need to be verified by Efterklang & Vincent Moon and only screenings that are featured on are official Private-Public Screenings

Full Details

Find a Screening

At a minimum I will host a screening at my home in Seattle and I am going to try and get a larger venue to donate space and projector. Keep your fingers crossed.

Teaser #3

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Review: The Youth Die Young by Mad Rad


The Youth Die Young by Mad Rad

Seattle is a strange little world. A place where everything is separated by about 1.5 degrees of freedom (You lose Kevin Bacon). Case in point: I like to drink on the hill at Liberty bar (a lot) and I love everybody there.  I have also been hearing amazing things on the hill about Mad  Rad (but have never made it to one of their burn-down-the-building shows). So worlds collided tonight when a friend post a photo of the CD release party and I finally realized one of my favorite people who works at Liberty, Nate,  is also in Mad Rad as Buffalo Madonna.  So I skipped on over to iTunes and was thoroughly blown away and bought both the old and new album.

Mad Rad

The album opens with the solid fist-pumping track “Caveman”. Mad Rad let us know they are ready to go toe-to-toe with the chorus: “Fuck you, that’s how we do around here”.  “I Want Your Blood” bares its teeth and goes for the jugular without hesitation.

As the album progresses the themes turn inward and the tone darkens making for a nicely balanced listen. Reflecting that eventually the party burns down. The hangover follows the same arc as the sun. You wonder where you lost one shoe. Who can you trust. Where is this all heading?  Did everyone make it home last night? “Underwater” and “Love In A Strange World” represent this evolution very nicely.

Powerful Dark Electro Hip-Hop that will fuck you up and then buy you shot of whiskey.



Love in A Strange World:

Buy: iTunes Amazon

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Video – Dancing on our grave by the The Cave Singers

Since their label are a bunch of back ass,  f*ck tards that do not want blogs promoting their artists I can’t embed the video here. Please go to the following link to see the video for Dancing on our grave.

Infection driving beat by The Cave Singers.  These guys are too fun. Very Seattle-ish.

OMG! I can’t even show a video of an interview. Stupid #$~!*& labels:

Seriously, LABELS get out of the way, your bands have fans to make.

Swim Club from the new album No Witch

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Live: Efterklang in Seattle

Photo by Rasmus Weng Karlsen – January 2009

After years of waiting I was finally able to see Efterklang live a couple weeks ago.

Opening the night was local Seattle favorite, Anomie Bell. Anomie combines downtempo drums, cello, multiple violins, bass, piano and her own whisper-sweet vocals. Her second album should be completed shortly, and I will review it here as soon as it drops.

Next up was Buke & Gass. To be honest I had never heard of them before, and after a quick sampling from their MySpace I had a lackluster appreciation. But after seeing them live — my initial impression of their sound were way off. What I expected was some generic, jangly, indie rock. What I got was the complex polyrhythms of two guitars furiously grinding against each other in a manner I have not heard since early Sonic Youth. Wow.

And finally, Efterklang took to the stage. The drums drove the chant, and the whole band sang sing song to the heavens without restraint. It was primal, savage, filled with longing and tinged with joy. We the audience were swept away as drums became trumpet, bass became samples and violin became drums. Go see these guys as soon as possible.

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